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Музыка Испании: Призраки и тени

Music of Spain: Ghosts and Shadows

Music of Spain: Ghosts and Shadows

  • Disc number in the directory: MEL REC 1002362
  • Release: 2015
     Melodia Records presents an album of Spanish guitar music performed by Artyom Dervoed.

This young Russian guitarist is undoubtedly one of the eminent figures of world guitar art. "A musician with a broad dynamic range, intellectual and expressive observation of the phrasing, and boundless technical abilities," "an artist of the highest calibre," "the tsar of the guitar," as foreign music critics enthusiastically describe the young musician.

At the age of thirteen, he scored his first victory at the International Competition "Young Musicians" in Moscow. In 1994 to 2014, Artyom Dervoed won prizes of thirty-seven international contests, including sixteen first awards. After he graduated from the Russian Gnessins Music Academy where he studied under professor and Honoured Artist of Russia Nikolai Komolyatov, one of the best pupils of the founder of Soviet guitar school Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy, Dervoed was involved in the workshops at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, Italy, and awarded the Golden Guitar prize and the title of the best up-and-coming guitarist at the International Guitar Convention in Alessandria, Italy, in 2007. In 2009, he completed his post-graduate course at the Koblenz Guitar Academy in Germany with the famous Italian virtuoso Aniello Desiderio.

Artyom Dervoed's first album that was recorded for Naxos in 2007 and included works of Russian composers entered the top ten bestselling chamber music albums and was acclaimed by Classical Guitar magazine. The musician's new album is dedicated to the roots of the classical guitar tradition – Spanish music of the 16th to 20th centuries. It features works of Manuel de Falla, Joaquín Rodrigo, Francisco Tárrega and other composers.


  • 1
    Fantasia No. 10
    Artyom Dervoed (Alonso Mudarra)
  • 2
    Rondo Brillante No. 2
    Artyom Dervoed (Dionisio Aguado)
  • 3
    Memories of the Alhambra
    Artyom Dervoed (Francisco Tárrega)
  • 4
    Etude No. 6 in D Major - "The Butterfly"
    Artyom Dervoed (Francisco Tárrega)
  • 5
    The Tomb of Claude Debussy
    Artyom Dervoed (Manuel de Falla)
  • 6
    Castles of Spain: Troubadour's Song
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 7
    Castles of Spain: Festive Song "Alcaniz"
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 8
    Castles of Spain: To a Beautiful Girl
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 9
    Castles of Spain: Legend of the Pines
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 10
    Castles of Spain: Olite
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 11
    Castles of Spain: Evocation
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 12
    Castles of Spain: Redaba
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 13
    Castles of Spain: Jester's Song
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 14
    Castles of Spain: Call
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 15
    Castles of Spain: The Infanta’s Dream
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 16
    Castles of Spain: Serranilla
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 17
    Castles of Spain: Elegy
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 18
    Castles of Spain: Festive Song "Calatrava"
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 19
    Castles of Spain: Ghosts
    Artyom Dervoed (Federico Moreno–Torroba)
  • 20
    Invocation and Dance
    Artyom Dervoed (Joaquin Rodrigo)

  • Total time: 68.51

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