Tigran Alikhanov

Tigran Abramovich Alikhanov (born 22 January 1943, Moscow) is a Soviet and Russian pianist, music and public figure, teacher, professor at the Moscow Conservatory (1992), rector of the Moscow Conservatory (2005-2009), People's Artist of the Russian Federation (2002).

He was born into the family of physics scientist Abram Isaakovich Alikhanov (1904-1970) and violinist and soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic Slava Solomonovna Roshal (1916-2016).
In 1950-1961 he studied at the piano department of the Central School of Music at the Moscow Conservatoire (class of A. S. Sumbatyan).
In 1961-1966 he studied at the piano department of the Moscow Conservatoire (class of Professor L. N. Oborin) and trained there.
He was Head of the Department of Chamber Ensemble and Quartet at the Moscow Conservatoire (from 1992 until the end of his life).
A soloist with the Moscow Philharmonic, he has given solo recitals and performed with various chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras.
He toured to Austria, Algeria, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the USA, Czechoslovakia and South Africa.
Т. Alikhanov was the author of scientific works and methodological materials dedicated to the creative heritage of his teacher L. N. Oborin.

Tigran Abramovich Alikhanov died on 29 October 2023 in Moscow. He is buried at the Novodevichy Cemetery.

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