Firma Melodiya

Contrasts: Four Sonatas, Pavane, Vocalise

  • Disc number in the directory: MEL CD 1001649
  • Recorded: 2009
  • Release: 2009

The saxophone is an instrument with a strong individuality and a wide range of expressive potential; however, its development in Russia has not been easy. It has endured a long thorny path towards recognition as a true classical solo instrument. The classical saxophone tradition in Russia is only about 40 years old and is closely connected to the founder of the Russian school, Professor Margarita Shaposhnikova. Shaposhinkova’s active touring contributed to the popularization of the classical saxophone in the USSR. She inspired many Soviet composers to create works for saxophone that enriched the ever growing, world-wide concert repertoire for the instrument. Having overcome many hardships in the 1970’s, Shaposhnikova opened the first class of saxophone at the Russian Gnesins’ Academy of Music in Moscow and since that time she has selflessly devoted herself to pedagogical activity. The most significant achievement of the present day is the brilliant victory of Margarita Shaposhnikova’s graduate, Sergey Kolesov, at the 4th International Adolphe Sax Competition in Dinant, Belgium, 2006, the world’s most prestigious saxophone competition. This competition is held only once every four years and is the most demanding test of performers in the world of classical saxophone competitions. Adopting his teacher’s principles and the traditions of Russian musical art Sergey Kolesov has discovered and established his own performing style. This CD disk “Contrasts” includes four diverse sonatas for saxophone and piano and shows the different sides of this performer’s individuality. Elena Grinevich was born in Moscow in 1983. Taking up the playing of chamber music, Elena started working as a pianist in the saxophone class of Professor Margarita Shaposhnikova. Elena Grinevich took part in many prestigious competitions performing with leading young saxophonists (in the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Thailand, and the Delphic Games of Russia) where she was awarded diplomas as a distinguished accompanist. Grinevich has performed with the Spivakov and Rostropovich International Foundations. At present she maintains an active series of concerts with the saxophonist Sergey Kolesov. During the last 5 years the duet has given more than 120 concerts in over 50 cities of Russia and abroad.

Track list

  • 1 Pavane pour une infante défunte (Transcription for Alto Saxophone and Piano)
  • 2 Pavane pour une infante défunte (Transcription for Alto Saxophone and Piano)
    Sergey Kolesov, Elena Grinevich (Maurice Ravel)