Prokofiev: Symphonies

Sergei Prokofiev (1891–1953) is by right considered a classic of the Soviet symphonic music. His works reflected the whole palette of a tempestuous domestic history of the 20th century, from the greatest and most glorious accomplishments to the most bitter and tragic events.

Sergei Prokofiev's music was the composer's emotional response to the pressing problems of the era, and his name became a symbol of one of the main phases of musical culture development.

"I wanted to sing a hymn to a free and happy man, to his mighty powers, his pure and noble spirit. I cannot say that I deliberately chose this theme. It was born in me and clamoured for expression. The music matured within me. It filled my soul," Sergei Prokofiev wrote.

The composer's symphonic heritage (seven symphonies composed within 1917 to 1952) was one of the brightest pages of the world classical music. These works were brilliantly performed and recorded for a legendary project of Firma Melodiya of 1965-1967 by the Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra of the USSR conducted by Gennady Rozhdestvensky. The recording of Prokofiev's last symphony was awarded the “Grand Prix du Disque” of Academie Charles Cros in France.

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