Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique - Gounod: Walpurgis Night

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MEL CD 1001433
1967, 1970

The romantic school that was characteristic of the European spiritual environment of the beginning of the 19th century originally appeared in the circle of the German writers and philosophers: Wackenroder, Ludwig Tieck, Novalis, brothers Schlegeli. Being picked up in different European countries it became simultaneously apparent in various genres of art but the most conspicuous – in music.

The development of romanticism in music was formed in its peculiar way in every particular country corresponding national and historical conditions. However, they were united by the common tendency to reflect individual inner life of human emotions that were connected with the social position of a person. The tragedy was that the society did not understand and rejected personal credo. An artist’s personal drama who was seeking consolation in the realm of day dreaming and fantasy was put in the forefront in the creative work of the romantic composers.

Miniature became the most essential form in the works of the most outstanding representatives of romanticism. Vocal art was represented by the romances and song cycles of Schumann and Schubert. There appeared many piano pieces of different genres in the heritage of Chopin, Schumann and Mendelssohn. The operatic art that was crowned by the theatre productions of Bellini, Verdi and Wagner reached its peak.

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