SOS. The Song of Songs

  • Disc number in the directory: MEL CO 0888
  • Recorded: 2020
  • Release: 2022

SOS (The Song of Songs) is a stage cantata by artist Vera Martynov and composer Alexey Sysoev.

Originally created as a live performance, this work is about joint re-experiencing a tragedy on a personal and global scale as a process of liberation from the past and discovery of new opportunities. The libretto is based on Solomon's Song of Songs, letters from Pliny the Younger (1st century AD), and notes from Vera Martynov's iPhone – a mix of personal reflections, quotes, scraps of other people's phrases, never intended for public performance. 

The Cantata is performed by 14 singers (INTRADA vocal ensemble), two reciters (actors Polina Liske and Alexander Pronkin), and a musician playing percussion and a telegraph key (percussionist Dmitry Shchyolkin).