Даниил Шафран

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Daniil Shafran

  • Disc number in the directory: MEL CD 1001938
  • Release: 2012

“Paganini of the 21st century,” “a musician … possessing the most melodious sound among all the existing string performers,” “…his art reaches the borders of supernatural” – these are some of enthusiastic epithets that domestic and foreign music critics endowed Daniil Borisovich Shafran. His creative career of more than 60 years made up a whole era in the Russian and world performing arts of the 20th century. “That was a musician you could take to paint a portrait of not just a genuine intellectual of St. Petersburg or the last romantic, but also a workaholic in the finest sense of the word – a man who was literally chained to his cello and who imagined no life without constant communication with music,” wrote music journalist Artyom Vagraftik about Daniil Shafran.

Track list

  • Total time: 343.38