If you plan to use music in your movie, program, interactive book, video game or other project, we’ll be your reliable partner.

Our huge record collection numbers many hundred thousand tracks of various musical genres. You are sure to find the music that you need.

“Melodiya” is a producer of phonograms and a holder of related rights for most of the recordings made in the Soviet Union since 1964. If you plan to use phonograms from our archives you must obtain permission.

We provide the following services:

- selection of phonograms in accordance with the customer’s wishes;

- customized* digitization of phonograms;

- advice on copyright holders of phonograms (providing information about the authors and performers);

 - granting licenses for the use of the phonograms selected by the customer.

If you need a phonogram, please fill in the on-line application form or email to , ,

Filling in the online application form will save time and our experts will process your request more quickly. We look forward to our cooperation!

* In our archives we have recordings on different mediums which can be digitized and restored on request. Some of the records are rare and have never been published.

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